The free VPN client SuperVPN is considered one of the popular applications due to its ability to maintain high speed after connection. The program can be used for devices running on the Android operating system. Unlike paid programs, the service does not have a no-log policy, meaning it retains user information. However, by using reliable technical solutions, the risk of data leakage and fraudulent attacks is reduced. 

Advantages of the service 

The free VPN for Windows 7 by SuperVPN has the following notable advantages: 

1.     No registration or account creation is necessary to use the free version. 

2.     Leak tests have shown that the program reliably protects user data. 

3.     Compared to other free programs, high speed is maintained during connection. Therefore, video streaming and file downloads can be done without buffering. 

4.     The installation file does not contain any malware or advertising content. 

Overall, the service performs all the main functions and can be used as a free VPN server in Israel.

Key features of use 

The program for free VPN download has a limited validity period. The service can be used for free only for 20 days. This period is designed for users to test the functionality. After that, it is necessary to purchase a paid subscription. If you don’t want to buy a subscription, you will have to reconnect every hour. Additionally, advertising content starts to appear, which interferes with internet browsing. It can only be disabled when using a paid subscription. 

The service is suitable for users who plan to use it for short sessions. Less efficient security protocols are used. However, it is easy to bypass most regional restrictions and view content without limitations.