When a person connects to the internet and opens a browser, they start collecting the following data about the user: IP address, connected devices, and real location. As a result, personal information becomes publicly available. To avoid attacks from scammers and intrusive advertisements, it is recommended to use a free VPN for Linux Ubuntu or find a service specifically designed for a particular browser.

Which free browser VPN to choose 

The main task of such a service is to provide privacy and anonymity of personal data without additional burden on the application. Before making a choice in favor of a specific program, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with trusted programs: 

1.     ExpressVPN. The best free VPN in the Chrome Store. It is also suitable for Firefox, Opera, and even Safari. It works reliably in 94 countries with over 3000 servers. When using the free version, users can access most security tools. The WebRTC blocking feature helps reduce the likelihood of data leakage and maximize the protection of personal information. 

2.     Surshark. An affordable server that is compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome. It helps easily bypass geographic restrictions. High-precision servers ensure high-quality streaming. Additionally, the CleanWeb option blocks most advertising banners. 

3.     Opera VPN. The best free VPN for Opera, which works as a built-in extension. The developer has used the best modern technologies to help hide the user’s real location, IP address, and other important tracking data. Most VPN services offer a full package of services on a paid basis. However, a free trial period is offered to test all the functionality. 

The majority of these services offer a full service package for a fee. However, a free trial period is offered to test all features. Mostly there is a no-logs policy, which means no collection and storage of personal information about users.