To find a free VPN better than Hotspot Shield, you’ll need to spend some time. In reality, the program bypasses geographic restrictions and works at an average speed. To access advanced functionality, like with any service, you’ll need to purchase a paid subscription. The program has been successfully operating since 2008 due to the following features: 

1.     Regular updates are released for users. 

2.     No leaks were found when using the Windows client. 

3.     45-day money-back guarantee. 

4.     Easy and intuitive usage. 

5.     Includes all the technical tools for secure storage of personal data. 

The free download of Hotspot VPN will help easily manage anonymous surfing and maintain access to blocked websites.

Client updates 

Developers do not stop at the achieved results, so they continue to release updates for the program. The latest version of the free Hotspot VPN allows download and installation for the Linux operating system, and the Kill Switch option also allows using the Android application. 

Lacks of information leaks 

Not every free VPN service, like Hotspot Shield, can securely store personal information. Tests have shown that the application effectively handles the task and securely stores user information. 

Simple and clear usage 

The interface is user-friendly for intuitive use. To get started, simply click on the large button in the middle of the screen. Despite the fact that the service incorporates new technology options (for example, split tunneling), menu simplicity and functionality are preserved. The Identity Guard service integrated into the program helps protect financial and payment instrument information and minimizes the risk of data leakage.