Downloading a free VPN for Mac can help users reduce the risk of data leaks when connecting to the internet. Some programs also have additional options, such as built-in ad-blockers, which is convenient for avoiding annoying pop-up banners while browsing content. To ensure anonymity, it is important to choose only trusted services that have already proven their reliability and honest operation.

Free VPN for Mac: which one to choose 

Based on independent expert checks and user reviews, the following programs are recommended: 

1.     Speedify. Like many services, this is a freemium VPN service for Mac. Its distinctive feature is maintaining maximum speed after connecting to the internet. Users can choose from 30 servers. The monthly traffic limit is 2 GB. However, the program can only be activated on one device. 

2.     Proton VPN. A popular service that can be used on all major operating systems. With the free version, users can connect to a server in one of three countries. They have a no-logging policy, which eliminates the risk of data leaks. 

3.     Browsec. This is a VPN extension that works with most browsers regardless of the operating system. It has a built-in Smart Settings option that allows users to activate the service for specific applications. In the free version, speed is limited to 20 Mbps. 

4.     SurfEasy. Another convenient application that allows simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices in the free version. However, there is a monthly traffic limit of 500 MB. For active internet users, this amount may not be sufficient. 

To choose the optimal free application, it is also necessary to consider the main purpose of use and what tasks the service should prioritize.