Port forwarding is a process that allows network traffic to be redirected from one port to another. This technique is widely used in various fields, including network gaming. You may have encountered issues when trying to connect to a game server due to port blocking by your internet service provider or router. In such cases, using premium gaming VPN services can be a useful solution.

Why do you need premium gaming VPN services?

Premium gaming VPN services offer special servers located in different countries, providing a more stable and secure connection. They can also enable port forwarding, allowing you to bypass port blocking and securely connect to game servers.


One of the most popular VPN services for gaming is ExitLag. It offers numerous features, including port forwarding.

To set up port forwarding using ExitLag, follow these steps:

1. Register and download the ExitLag program from the official website.

2. Install and launch the program. Log in to your account.

3. In the «Port Management» section, select «Add Port.»

4. Enter the port number and choose the protocol (TCP or UDP).

5. Click «Add» and repeat this step for each port you need to forward.

6. After adding all the ports, click the «Apply» button.

ExitLag will automatically configure port forwarding to ensure a secure and stable connection to game servers.

VyprVPN and WTFast

In addition to ExitLag, there are other premium gaming VPN services such as VyprVPN and WTFast, which also offer port forwarding functionality. The choice of VPN service depends on your preferences and requirements.


Premium gaming VPN services with port forwarding capabilities can significantly enhance your gaming experience by providing a stable connection to game servers. Configuring port forwarding using such services usually requires no specialized knowledge and can be done independently. This solution can help avoid port blocking issues and ensure a smoother gaming session.